Monday, April 2, 2012

Doujinshi Sharing

Since I don't have any FT chapters to share ATM, I do have something to give you guys. I have a pretty big collection of Heero x Relena doujins that I've finally started to scan. If any of you are fans of this paring, check it out!

First of many 1xR (Heero x Relena) doujinshi on the way.
Circle: AQUA (Kajika Ono)
Warnings: Character death
Summary: Heero is forced to live in a world in where Relena is gone. A lovely, heartbreaking short story of what he's faced with after her death.
Notes: This was the last doujin that AQUA ever published since Kajika went on a permanent hiatus in 2010. (Her circle domain is still online though:

All the pages were originally published in a brown sepia color and I have left them that way. I know the final page of the doujin says to not repost her work... but well as things are and getting so many requests, I cannot help but share these doujins with fellow fans. I hope Ms. Ono will forgive me.
I do not read nor speak Japanese, so if you or someone would like to translate this doujinshi, let me know.

Friday, March 30, 2012



I just noticed that sendspace deleted all old chapters of both series.

I can't seem to find all of the old previous FT chapters right now. So until then, there is nothing yet.

Sorry for this. I hope that something will come up soon.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Glory of Losers Volume 1

Cover scans are up for the Glory of Losers first volume. :)

July 2011 FT & GoL Chapters

We're back to both series with this month's issue. Volume 3 of Frozen Teardrop also was just released, I'll post some scans from it in the upcoming weeks.

June 2011 Issue: Glory of Losers

No FT for this month, just a 30+ page chapter for Glory instead. Trowa and Quatre's fight comes to an end!


Because the AnimeSuki boards don't allow you to post RAWs right to the forums, I created this blogspot to post all my scans to!

They're all super HQ scans, feel free to use however you want. (Translations/graphics/etc)

Once I get June & July Gundam ACE's scanned, I'll work on making this place look a little nicer.